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There is hope

  November 28, 2014 my beautiful 6 1/2 year old niece was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was beyond devastated. Then came even more bad news 5 days later

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Poem “Eviction”

EVICTION To My Tumor, where’s the #Hashtag, Humor? How did you get in, thru a bend in my skull, my scalp, my skin? I don’t know why, I don’t know

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Eileen Murphy

This past January 2017 a work colleague looked at me after our company’s Christmas break and said, “What’s wrong with your eye, its puffy?” I replied I probably ate something

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Rose Gilligan

Two years ago, my story starts. I was having ringing in my ear so I went to an ENT. Hearing was normal, so they thought it was allergies. Went back

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My father, Leonard was diagnosed with glioblastoma (Stage IV) on January 20, 2016. Dad passed away in August. His struggle was long and grueling and came out of the blue.

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Ashley Swafford

I have put together a bit of “What to expect when you are having brain surgery” type of story. I had a craniotomy in December 2016 to remove a Grade

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Jeanette Tecca

In 2009, I was having headaches so severe that one day I could not even lift my head off my pillow. I was able to call my mom and ask

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