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ABTA Alumni Research Network

The ABTA Alumni Research Network (AARN) is a network of brain tumor researchers that have been funded by the ABTA. The purpose of the AARN is to support the ABTA’s mission to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors by fostering excellence in brain tumor research through professional development, communications, education, training and collaboration.

Engagement with ABTA Community


AARN members are invited to speak at ABTA patient education meetings, fundraising events, review ABTA publications for print and digital materials, serve on grant application review committees for ABTA grants. 

Here are some examples of recent engagement opportunities:

Annual Meeting

13th Annual Meeting 
September 4-6, 2024, Schaumburg, IL

As part of the ABTA National Conference, the AARN members-only annual meeting brings researchers and medical professionals together to foster scientific exchange and collaboration to accelerate brain tumor discoveries. 

2024 AARN Annual Meeting Co-Chairs

Henk De Feyter, PhD
Assistant Professor
Yale University
Ethel J. Ngen, PhD
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Network. Connect. Build Lifelong Goals at the
AARN Annual Meetings.

Reasons Members Value the Annual Meeting:

“I came out with advice on projects, new collaborations, and immensely useful career advice. Can’t get more valuable than that in only 2 and half days!”

“It is different from other meetings. I felt like everybody is really committed to achieve the final goal of finding a cure for brain tumors.”

“The AARN meeting is one of my favorite conferences. I have made friends, built collaborations, and learned from shared experiences in ways that have helped me and others in the brain tumor field.” 

By the Numbers

71 Past and current collaborative groups among AARN Members

24 AARN members served as reviewers in the last year

74 publications have come out of these groups

29 AARN members spoke at ABTA events in the last year