Basic Research Fellowships

Basic Research Fellowships are two-year, $100,000 mentored grants supporting postdoctoral fellows who are conducting laboratory or field-based research projects that focus on brain tumors.

Fellows must have a lead mentor who currently conducts brain tumor research at the same academic institution. The mentor will help with scientific management and other research guidance to foster the applicant’s career advancement.


The ABTA is accepting Letters of Intent through December 13, 2023.

Your research can make a difference

In 2010, the ABTA awarded a fellowship to Christian Grommes, MD at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to study a rare brain cancer called Central Nervous System Lymphoma, which can be especially devastating when it recurs or doesn’t respond to initial therapy. Dr. Grommes’ work resulted in extending the survival time and changed the standard of care for patients with recurrent or refractory CNS Lymphoma.

He continues to work toward new breakthroughs for CNS Lymphoma and was recently awarded a Discovery Grant from the American Brain Tumor Association to study the role of the immune system in this rare tumor type.