The ABTA is committed to:

  • Increasing research funding.
  • Improving the quality of information available to patients and their caregivers.
  • Boosting the number of newly diagnosed patients who get information they need right away, so they can make informed treatment decisions.
  • Serving as the voice of the brain tumor community.

Here are some of the ways we’ve made an impact in 2017.


Total raised: $2,253,005

Participants: 13,361

Teams: 929

Team Breakthrough

  • 136 Team Breakthrough members
  • $181,837 raised total

Volunteer Fundraising Events

Total raised: $553,804

Number of events: 57


  • Awarded $1,215,000 in grants to 18 new projects
    • $400,000 funded 2 Research Collaboration Grants
    • $500,000 funded 5 Basic Research Fellowship Grants
    • $300,000 funded 6 Discovery Grants
    • $15,000 funded 5 Medical Student Summer Fellowship Grants


  • More than 2,000 brain tumor patients and caregivers were connected with information and resources
  • 75% of those who contact CareLine report that the information and resources provided were helpful or very helpful
  • 55% report feeling less distressed after speaking with CareLine staff


  • Over 17,000 users on Connections

CommYOUnity™ Connect

  • 140 brain tumor patients and caregivers were connected with a peer mentor


  • 340 brain tumor patients and caregivers interacted with the TrialConnect navigator

Trial Connect Navigator

  • 140 were referred to appropriate clinical trials

Partners in Treatment & Care

Total Attendees: 187

Patients/Caregivers: 90

Other Family Members: 11

Health Care Professionals: 8

Speakers: 27

Volunteers: 16

Other: 41

We hope that you will join us in advancing this important work.

Ways to Donate

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