Discovery Grants

Discovery Grants are one-year, $50,000 grants for high risk, high impact research with the potential to change current diagnostic or treatment models.

Discovery research projects are pre-screened using a letter of intent (LOI), typically due in November of every calendar year. Invitations and instructions to submit a complete proposal are extended by email in early February, with an application due date in mid-to-late March.

Your research can make a difference

The ABTA funded a Discovery Grant for Michael Olin, PhD, in 2012 to study how glioblastomas suppress the immune system. During this study, he discovered an immunosuppressive protein that was upregulated in response to anti-tumor vaccines.

Dr. Olin now has a way to block it, and has founded a drug company, OX2 Therapeutics, to produce the inhibitor. He and his colleagues have tested the drug in a clinical trial for companion dogs. Now the human inhibitor is completed and they are initiating a Phase I trial in adults and pediatrics with CNS tumors at the University of Minnesota with an anticipated start early 2019.

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