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Research Collaboration Grants

Research Collaboration Grants are two-year, $200,000 grants for multi-investigator and multi-institutional brain tumor collaborative research projects. They are intended to promote team science, streamlining and accelerating research progress.

Research projects must be conducted by a team of at least two co-principal investigators (Co-PI’s) from different institutions. The research project should be multidisciplinary, incorporating multiple components such as basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiological research.


The ABTA is accepting Letters of Intent through December 13, 2023.

Your research can make a difference

With their 2017 ABTA Research Collaboration Grant, Ben Ellingson, PhD and Elizabeth Gerstner, MD are using diffusion MRI to determine whether they can predict which recurrent glioblastoma patients can benefit from anti-angiogenic therapy. Through a retrospective analysis of 5 individual multicenter clinical trials, they discovered a correlation between tumors with a high Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and longer survival among rGBM patients on anti-angiogenic monotherapy. Their findings have been published in Clinical Cancer Research. This research team is moving forward with a prospective multicenter clinical trial to validate these findings, and a surgical study to better understand the mechanisms underlying this effect.