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Brain Tumor Support Groups

Having a brain tumor is overwhelming. Having the support of others is life-affirming.

From diagnosis, surgery, and treatment side effects, to recovery and for some—recurrence—many patients and caregivers feel anxious and isolated. Support groups can improve your emotional well-being and quality of life by providing information, emotional support and resources.

Support groups are comprised of patients and caregivers in similar life situations, who meet regularly to share their experiences, exchange practical tips and build a support network. Support groups are most often provided at no cost and conducted in person or online.

Below you can identify in-person support groups within your state or you can select from a variety of online support groups. Support groups listed are specific to brain tumor or brain injury.

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Can’t find a support group close to you?

Contact the American Brain Tumor Association CareLine at 1.800.886.2282 for additional resources.