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Unraveling the Complexities of Brain Tumors

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These three brain tumor researchers are relentless in unraveling the mysteries of this formidable disease, cell by cell, experiment after experiment.

They are investigating drug compounds and proteins to stem the progression of aggressive tumors to pushing the boundaries of research into new approaches. Morgan Schrock, DVM, PhD, Trang Nguyen, PhD and Stephanie Seidlits, PhD are part of the community of scientists making important discoveries that may one day foster breakthroughs for brain tumors.

As recipients of the ABTA’s prestigious research grants, they received funding to support research that may have the potential to change the lives of people impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis. 

Read more about the progress of their innovative brain tumor research since they received an ABTA grant and how it has impacted their careers. 

Beyond Brain Tumor Breakthroughs

Since its inception, the ABTA Research program has awarded almost $33 million dollars to scientists with novel ideas that could change the trajectory of a brain tumor diagnosis. In 2020, the ABTA has awarded nearly $400,000 towards 11 new research grants to foster innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors in adults and children.

Learn more about the ABTA Research program and available grant opportunities

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