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Rock for Research in Recognition of GBM Awareness Day

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Join us on Wednesday, July 22 as we rally together for the second annual GBM Awareness Day. On this day, we recognize and honor those impacted by a glioblastoma diagnosis, while elevating support for research and treatment of this unforgiving disease. In 2019, leading cancer and health organizations, including the American Brain Tumor Association, urged Congress to pass a resolution that designated a day in July to heighten awareness and commit support for research. The resolution was passed unanimously, and continues to spotlight this life-threatening condition.  

GBM, or glioblastoma multiforme, is the most common, malignant primary brain tumors. Each year, an estimated 13,000 people are impacted by a GBM diagnosis in which science and medicine have yet to pinpoint a cure. For more information about glioblastoma, download our GBM factsheet.

In recognition of GBM Awareness Day, the ABTA is co-hosting Rock for Research, an online concert streamed through the ABTA Facebook page to raise funds for GBM research on July 22. With performances by tribute band, Animation – a Tribute to Rush, this one-hour concert honors Rush drummer Neil Peart, who fought against and passed away from a GBM in January 2020. All concert donations will fund a $50,000 ABTA Discovery Grant for GBM Research

Support GBM Awareness Day

There are a number of ways you can support GBM Awareness Day with the ABTA:

Give a Monthly Gift

Read how Rush band’s biggest fan is doing just that each month, in honor of the late drummer and lyricist. 

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