Giloblastoma and my husband

My husband was diagnosed with Gliobalstoma stage 4, March 2009. He passed away in June of 2010. I had become familiar with this type of cancer only because my neighbor a couple years before, had come home and told me her husband was just diagnosed with glioblastoma that day, and she didn’t know what to do. I had never heard of that cancer, and spent the next months going over to their home and doing healing touch until he passed away. My family and i moved to a different neighborhood a couple years later. March 2009 my husband was having breakfast at a restaurant and was finished. They got up to leave and he had a seizure. We thought it was from his diabetes, but when i got to the ER, I was shown a xray, and told I needed to talk to more doctors. To my shock and horror, it was gilobastoma stage 4. Different location in the brain than my friends husband, but still really bad. I want to talk about the ramifications of what happens to the family with the different locations in the brain and how each person is effected by it.The ways this horrible cancer takes our loved ones. No one told me what to expect and how to deal with it. I think i am still dealing with it to this day, and it bothers me that more about it isn’t, at least to me, talked about enough. I would have been better prepared if I had been counseled in how to deal with everything, if i had understood more about how insidious this can be. I knew what happened with my friends husband, but, when my husband got sick, it was WAY different, and NO one told me.I was terrified because I thought what happened to my friends husband, that would probably also happen to mine. But it was way different, but just as horrible just not as obvious. Thank you!


Tracy Dimond | Family Member | Glioblastoma