Just accept it & live with joy

Hope, you are living a life with a great joy!
It was June 22, 2017 when I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Brain Tumor – Astrocytoma. Earlier, when I got symptoms like headache, dizziness & vomiting my family doctor told me that I might have a “Vertigo”. I took medications for it. After, couple of weeks I started feeling week and more dizzy. I was taken to hospital when I completely passed out on June 18, 2017. After, MRI, CT scans & pathology report it was determine that I have a Brain Tumor. I never reacted when I heard about it. I just accepted it and was calm about it. It took 30 Radio-therapy sessions, 6 cycles Chemo-therapy & some medications. I must tell that don’t waste your life by just questioning abut something that can’t be worth.
I feel very positive and motivated when I read this speech.

“I think it would be foolish to believe that there are no problems – life is made of problems. They occur every day to just about everyone around the world and I think that it is important that we should simply accept that that is life and we must live it fully and courageously”
― H.H.The Aga Khan IV

I must tell that without my family, friends and community support I could have never made till this point. The purpose is to not tell my condition, symptoms or treatment but to motivate others who have not accepted Brain Tumor. You will fight half way just by ACCEPTING the fact that you are diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. With all of your blessings and good wishes my brain tumor shows reduction in size and symptoms are in much better conditions.

You will get many benefits by simply accepting and living with it. Just ACCEPT with joy, courage and keep your willpower higher.


Avi Maredia | Patient | Astrocytoma