Start a Support Group

The ABTA is committed to making brain tumor patient and caregiver support resources available in every community. As part of that effort, we offer brain tumor support group facilitator training resources. By training support group leaders, we are helping to meet the unique needs and challenges of brain tumor patients and caregivers in communities nationwide.

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“Organizing and Facilitating a Support Group” Downloadable Pamphlet

This pamphlet offers guidance and suggestions for those who want to form a new brain tumor support group.

Educational Presentations

The ABTA offers free downloads of brain tumor educational presentations. These slideshows, all of which have been clinically vetted, are useful tools to help you prompt discussion about the concerns often raised after a brain tumor diagnosis.

Use these free, customizable presentations as educational material for your newly diagnosed patients or as supplemental material for brain tumor support groups. Each presentation offers easy-to-follow content and a pre-written facilitator’s script.

Presentation Topics: 

  • Brain Tumor 101
  • Caregiver Coping
  • Cognitive Side Effects
  • Getting the Help You Need
  • Financial and Legal Concerns
  • Physical Symptoms and Side Effects
  • Returning to Work and School
  • Talking with Children about a Brain Tumor Diagnosis