Healthcare Professionals

The ABTA is your partner in treatment and care. We offer a wealth of resources for your patients and caregivers, continuing education and training opportunities for you, and data on the current state of brain tumor research, diagnosis, and care in the United States.


  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

    In partnership with the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), the ABTA has created nursing clinical practice guidelines for treating adults and children with brain tumors. These guidelines give healthcare professionals the tools they need to deliver the best possible patient care to both adults and children.

  • Education and Training

    The ABTA’s publications and support group facilitator training courses can help you educate patients and prepare you to lead support groups for brain tumor patients and caregivers.

  • Educational Presentations

    The ABTA offers presentations that can be used by health care professionals as educational material or as supplemental material for brain tumor support groups.

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