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Fundraise Your Way Program Lets You Do It Your Way

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Fundraise Your Way to Support Brain Tumor Research and Programs

A snowmobile race. Music festivals. Bowling tournaments. Weddings. Graduations. What do these events all have in common? These are some of the creative ways the brain tumor community has fundraised for the ABTA.

In their quest to fund brain tumor research and programs, nearly $5 million has been raised by individuals, families and organizations through the ABTA’s Fundraise Your Way program.  

Your Passion and Creativity Are Welcome

The beauty of the Fundraise Your Way program is that you can do whatever you want to do. Whether you choose to create your own fundraising event or integrate a fundraising element into something you’re already doing, you’re making a difference your way.

There are three ways the ABTA can help you to customize your fundraising: 

  • Host Your Own allows you to organize your own unique event, such as a golf tournament, softball tournament or even a ping pong tournament.

    Through the ABTA Host Your Own webpage you can create your own webpage, easily invite participants and allow participants to set up their own fundraising page

  • Celebrate a Milestone is an easy way to highlight a major accomplishment or special occasion, such as a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, a holiday and more.

    Through the ABTA Celebrate a Milestone webpage, you can create your own webpage and easily share it with friends and family to join your celebration by donating to the ABTA.

  • Create a Tribute allows families and friends to remember a loved one with a special show of care and remembrance.

    The ABTA Tribute webpage can be personalized with a story and photo, then shared with others who can choose to donate to the ABTA in honor of your loved one.

Get Inspired

Fundraise Your Way emerged from members of the ABTA brain tumor community who voiced their wish to give back in their own way.

In this edition of MindMatters, three fundraisers showcase how they have supported the ABTA through their own unique ways.

Get Involved

Learn more about Fundraise Your Way

To get started with the ABTA’s Fundraise Your Way program, contact Kitty Snow, ABTA community manager: ksnow@abta.org or 773-577-8766.

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