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About Brain Tumors


When you set out to learn about brain tumors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by medical terms and numbers. We’re here to help you better understand brain tumor types, treatments, and care. Get the information and support you need on your journey.

Brain Tumor FAQs
Although everyone’s brain tumor journey is different, there are some questions that nearly everyone has. From definitions and risk factors to statistics and survivorship, here’s what you need to know.
Find out about the most common brain tumor symptoms
What to expect if your doctor thinks a brain tumor may be a possibility

Learn about treatment and care choices for brain tumors, so you, your loved ones, and your medical team can make the best plan



The role of a caregiver is difficult to summarize, because it is different for each person and often evolves over time. The good news is, you’re not alone.

Need help? See what resources we offer

Learn about the different options for when a patient requires a higher level of care

Helpful information about living with a brain tumor