Treatments & Side Effects

No two brain tumors are exactly alike, so your treatment plan will depend on a wide range of factors, from the tumor’s type, size, and location to your age and overall health. Your treatment options may also change over time.

In this section, you’ll find details about treatment options, care options, support, resources, and information for caregivers. The ABTA CareLine is also a great source of general information about brain tumors, treatment options, and social support. Contact the ABTA

Please note: The ABTA cannot offer medical advice, provide direct financial assistance, or make healthcare referrals or recommendations. We can connect you with information and resources.


Side Effects

Rehabilitation Options

Rehabilitation is a key part of your recovery. A targeted rehabilitation program led by trained therapists can help you get back your strength, stamina, and function. Here are your key therapy options:

Physical Therapy

Your physical therapist can help you improve your physical strength, coordination, balance, and mobility. The therapist can help you to gradually restore large motor functions and show you helpful exercises to do at home. Your program will be targeted to your needs. For example, you may focus on strength training, restoring limb movement, compensation techniques, or balancing.

Speech Therapy

You may need help with your speech skills to make sure people can understand you easily. Speech therapists also help with the swallowing problems that are associated with certain brain tumors. Your speech therapist will first test your current function and then create the best program for your needs.

Occupational Therapy

Your occupational therapist will help you regain mastery of everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and feeding yourself. You can also get help with more advanced skills, such as doing housework, managing money, taking transportation, and shopping.

To get started, talk with your healthcare team about what kind of therapy you can benefit from and how to enroll.

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