Poem “Eviction”

To My Tumor, where’s the #Hashtag, Humor?
How did you get in, thru a bend in my skull, my scalp, my skin?
I don’t know why, I don’t know when
But notify your next of kin, and say goodbye

I used my head and hired a spy,
Capital MRI spotted you in my space
Where you reached my speech, in my Broca place
A disgrace, it’s grizzly how you’re busy
Making me dizzy

Forcing free reign,
Draining my 3 lb brain is plain insane
I’m perplexed, how you vex my Cerebral Cortex
What’s next is complex

It affects the family, fear is a factor of the quality of life after
I get the approval for your removal
You can take my vanity, my sanity is not for sale
A sound mind will prevail

You can scar me, but scars don’t scare me, I’m better for wear
I’ll share my war wounds while singing I Tunes, dancing a jig,
While wearing a wig, weave if need be
Bear with me, I need to vent,
this could prevent me from playing my instrument
I’m fearing for my hearing

The threaten to deafen me, with your weapon to worry me
It won’t work well, I will tickle the keys from memories if my ears fail

Further more to settle the score, you will restore
my olfactory back to me
I will stop and smell the roses I pick when I’m sick
Where’s the road with the yellow brick?
I’m on my own
When I’m out alone, I will remember how to get home
At least If I’m lost, a relapse, there’s apps, map quest,
I guess
You can grow, but you can’t hide in my head and reside
Your free ride is over, read the full disclosure,
It’s nonfiction, it’s your foreclosure and Eviction