Sharing the Lived Experience at the ABTA Regional Patient and Family Meetings

Sharing the Lived Experience at the ABTA Regional Patient and Family Meetings

The American Brain Tumor Association Regional Patient and Family Meetings provide brain tumor patients and loved ones the opportunity to network, learn, ask questions and share experiences with others in the brain tumor community.

ABTA Regional Meetings are free educational meetings. The ABTA will host two Regional Meetings in the fall in New York City and Boston. By the end of 2019, the ABTA will have hosted six events in cities across the country, including Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Houston.

These meetings bring together those affected by brain tumors for a chance to unite, gain insight about research and best treatment practices, and inspire one another. Topics are driven by brain tumor patients and caregivers, and presented by local brain tumor experts.

Healing Topics

The Regional Meetings cover a wide range of topics, from clinical pathology to holistic health management. The Patient and Caregiver Panel is one of the most popular and highly requested sessions. The panel highlights a patient and caregiver duo, who share their experiences and help create the perfect space for honest discussion and interactive Q&A about the lived experience.

The newest topic at the Regional Meetings is the Brain Tumor Board. This session comprises a multidisciplinary panel of experts, such as a pathologist, neurooncologistneurosurgeon, and neuroradiologist, who examine real-life case studies and outline approaches to comprehensive patient care. This is a behind-the-scenes look into the complex conversations and considerations for determining a brain tumor patient’s treatment and care.

The program also includes breakout sessions, where attendees  gather by common tumor types to discuss treatment and care questions with a medical expert. This event also provides an overview of managing the symptoms and side effects that result from a brain tumor diagnosis.

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