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Are You “All In” for Brain Tumor Awareness?

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Brain Tumor Awareness Month in May is a dedicated time for the brain tumor community to rally together and help raise awareness of the devastating impact of brain tumors.

With the emergence of COVID-19, Brain Tumor Awareness Month is particularly important this year.

Not only is the ABTA working hard to ensure our community is informed and have access to support services, but we’re also trying to raise funds to offset the significant financial impact of an unprecedented global pandemic on the ABTA.

On May 1, Ralph DeVitto, President and CEO, and Nicole Willmarth, Ph.D., Chief Mission Officer, hosted a live Zoom meeting with the ABTA brain tumor community to kick off “All in for ABTA,” a month-long fundraising campaign to help the ABTA to continue its patient services and research.

Impact of COVID-19 and the ABTA Community

Patients, caregivers, and families have increasingly turned to the ABTA for information and support during this public health crisis. From inquiries to the ABTA CareLine about the impact of COVID-19 upon immunocompromised patients and survivors, to requests to be matched with an ABTA Peer-to-Peer Mentor to help with social isolation, the ABTA is doing everything it can to help the brain tumor community during this time. 

In response to the lack of specific information for brain tumor patients and survivors, the ABTA continues to host COVID-19 educational webinars and Ask the Experts Q&A on ABTA Connections online discussion forum, with national brain tumor and infectious disease experts. As more information about COVID-19 becomes available, the ABTA is publishing updated information on abta.org/covid-19-information.

Get Involved for Brain Tumor Awareness Month

“All in for ABTA,” is a month-long fundraising campaign during Brain Tumor Awareness Month to help the ABTA continue to be “all in” for brain tumor patients, survivors, caregivers and researchers. 

This current pandemic is straining financial markets, and negatively impacting giving to the ABTA. But, the needs of those we serve won’t wait, and we’ll continue to meet them with your help.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month is a time to get up and get involved. Let’s rally together and strengthen our community.

Here are three ways to join the campaign. 

1. Facebook Live Chats

Join us every Tuesday in May for a Facebook Live chat event. Each week is hosted by a brain tumor survivor, caregiver or researcher, who will answer your questions and help connect the brain tumor community. 

View the first Facebook Live Chat with brain tumor survivor Sabine.  

2. Make a Donation

No matter how big or small, consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your contribution counts in every way. 

3. Online Fundraiser

Create an online fundraising page to invite friends and family to donate towards your fundraising goal. Every dollar helps!

By supporting the ABTA in any way you can, you’re “all in” for the ABTA! For more information, contact info@abta.org or call (800) 886-ABTA (2282).

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