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When diagnosed with a brain tumor, you will be immediately presented with numerous decisions about your treatment and care. One of the important decisions you will make is choosing a brain tumor treatment center.

Since brain tumors are considered a rare disease, treatment centers offer varying levels of brain tumor expertise and technology. It’s important for you and your loved ones to evaluate treatment centers based on the care you may need.

The ABTA Treatment Center Guide provides detailed information about a variety of treatment centers, including the number of patients treated annually, technologies and specialized procedures offered, supportive services available, and more.

To further empower patients and their loved ones in making decisions that lead to better treatment and care, you can use these Guiding Principles for Central Nervous System Tumor Treatment Centers, as a resource for discussions with your healthcare team.

You can search for brain tumor programs using the tools below. For best results, select one of the three options: institution name, state, or zip code.

If a medical institution is not listed, you can print the ABTA Treatment Center Form to help guide a discussion with a medical institution of interest.

*All data is self-reported by each institution and not confirmed by the ABTA and is subject to change. This Guide does not represent all brain tumor programs in the United States.


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