Patient & Family Meetings

Patient and Family Meetings are free, half-day virtual meetings designed for brain tumor patients, caregivers and their loved ones to gain in-depth knowledge on a brain tumor topic.

These virtual meetings provide an educational experience that allow attendees to hear from experts in the field who will guide attendees through a series of discussions related to tumor type, treatment, research and care, while engaging attendees through Q&A. 

Estos eventos tendrán subtítulos en español disponibles. (These meetings will have subtitles available in Spanish.)

The entire program has been a good way! So much great information, so well done, by so many different articulate and heartful experts. It was truly wonderful!

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This meeting is Chaired and moderated by Elizabeth Claus, MD, PhD, an attending neurosurgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and professor at Yale University.

Elizabeth Claus
Elizabeth Claus, MD, PhD

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Past Patient & Family Meetings

Brain metastases, or secondary brain tumors, are the most common central nervous system tumors in the U.S. They begin from another location in the body and then spread to the brain. Attendees at this meeting will gain important knowledge around diagnosis, treatment and quality of life. In addition, attendees will learn how to navigate novel science and clinical trials and their care. 

Low-grade gliomas (LGG) are slow-growing primary brain tumors that mainly affect young to middle-aged adults. Join this meeting to learn about updated tumor classifications, emerging treatments, and tips for managing disease symptoms and day-to-day challenges living with LGG. 

The ABTA archives recordings of past Patient & Family Meetings and other educational programs on YouTube. Click below to learn more.