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The American Brain Tumor Association offers volunteers the opportunity to create awareness and advance the understanding of brain tumors. Members of the ABTA CommYOUnity collaborate with the ABTA to help us achieve our goals of improving, extending and, ultimately, saving lives of those impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis. By bringing together constituents of the brain tumor community, you will be part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness, promote education and foster patient and caregiver connections in your local area.

Why Volunteer for the ABTA?
With the launch of the American Brain Tumor Association's CommYOUnity, a national volunteer network, the ABTA is able to expand our reach. Here are some examples of why you may consider applying to be an ABTA Volunteer.

Belief in the Mission
Volunteers have a meaningful experience when supporting an organization they believe in. ABTA CommYOUnity volunteers believe in the ABTA's mission to advance the understanding and treatment of brain tumors to improve, extend and, ultimately, save lives.

Extra Hands
Volunteers are the lifeblood and backbone of many organizations who simply could not succeed without you. Volunteers can contribute to the ABTA in so many ways, extending services to reach greater numbers of people; extending hours of operation; or diversifying the type of services that we are able to offer.

Additional Skills
Volunteers offer unique skills that can move an organization forward. Volunteer expertise can include graphic designs, event planning committees, board membership, health care liaison, and much more. We aim to learn from your strengths and engage you with the area that you are most passionate about.

Specialized Attention
Volunteers have passion about the cause and can give dedicated attention to specific groups, issues or projects. Your involvement can help take the ABTA's mission to the next level.

Volunteers are invited from all walks of life, different age groups, backgrounds, cultures and classes. By involving volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and with complementary skills, volunteers enable the ABTA to approach challenges creatively and with fresh perspective. Involving a wider variety of volunteers also ensures that the ABTA message has a wider reach within the brain tumor community.

Community Spirit
As a representative of the ABTA, volunteers connect with the local community and build relationships.

Organizational Feedback
The ABTA values our volunteers and their opinions. We are happy to hear feedback from our volunteers about the organizational practices, programs, and changes needed for future success.

ABTA Ambassadors
Volunteers allow the ABTA to extend our area of influence and contact with the wider community. Volunteers can participate in community groups, social networks, businesses, education bodies and so on, where they speak about the ABTA’s work or establish contacts to partner with for future planning, fundraising, or development.






To join the ABTA CommYOUnity, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form.


To report back on a recent volunteer event or experience, please fill out our Volunteer Event and Activity Report survey. 

Should you have any questions about this new program, please contact our Director of National Volunteer Programs, at 866-659-1030 or sward@abta.org.




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