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In the United States, there are nearly 700,000 living with a primary brain and central nervous system tumor. The American Brain Tumor Association is committed to funding brain tumor research, providing education and giving a voice to the brain tumor community.  

The American Brain Tumor Association’s advocacy efforts aim to expand federal research funding for brain cancer, and improve policies, programs and services for more than 700,000 people impacted by this devastating disease. With your partnership, the ABTA can bring important issues to light at a local, state and national level.  

Key Issues

    In May 2016, the Senate and House Committees on Appropriations approved legislation that provides for the inclusion of “brain cancer” among the disorders eligible for study by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP). This provision was included in the fiscal year 2017 Defense Appropriations Act.  

How you can get involved

Through an online advocacy platform called, you can directly contact your Representative and two Senators in support of several of the initiatives described under “Key Issues.”  For each of these, click the GREEN button on the page that says “Support This Bill”:

If you are interested in getting involved in ABTA advocacy efforts, please complete this form (form fields below).  

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