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Together, Let’s Meet Hope Head On

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ABTA announces its five-year campaign, "Meet Hope Head On."

As we mark our 50th year of service to YOU, the ABTA is excited to announce “Meet Hope Head On,” a five-year campaign to accelerate our collective vision of a world in which not one life is lost to a brain tumor.

Why this campaign, now? Simply put, more must be done.  

Many survivors told us, “We need more grey ribbons. We need more awareness!” Patients and caregivers continue to urge us that “we need more treatment options than just Temodar.” And leading researchers keep telling us that “progress has been made, but we must do even more, faster.”   

We couldn’t agree more.  

Our goal over the next five years is to secure $50 million to:

You can play a key role in this campaign. The time is now!   

Click below to learn how you can “Meet Hope Head On.”

Jessie Schlacks

Jessie Schlacks

Jessie is Managing Editor of the bi-monthly e-newsletter MindMatters. Submit story ideas or questions to jschlacks@abta.org.