May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month!  Donate now to support brain tumor patients and their families.

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Inaugural Year of Meet Hope Head On Yields $10M Investment in Our Mission

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"Tripling the ABTA's annual research funding will help the brain tumor community in many ways. It's going to allow researchers to really test their innovative ideas, get these advancements into a clinical setting and possibly create the next generation of effective therapies for patients.” - Justin Lathia | Scientific Director of the Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center at the Cleveland Clinic

Thanks to the unwavering support of people like you, we’ve raised $10M towards our five-year, $50-million-dollar Meet Hope Head On campaign goal.  

Reaching this milestone gets us closer to our three campaign goals: 

  • To triple our research investment.  
  • To double patients served. 
  • To double federal funding of brain tumor research. 

Last year, the ABTA awarded over $1.47M in research grants, the highest amount in over a decade, and yet, many promising research projects from talented researchers went unfunded.   

Building on this momentum, we’re eager to share with you just how the ABTA is growing its investment in research.

What we'll do:

Thanks again for your unwavering support of Meet Hope Head On, a five-year, $50-million campaign that will give the ABTA the resources it needs to triple our research investment, double the patients we serve, and double federal funding for brain tumor research. You can learn more about the campaign at meethopeheadon.org. 

Did you know?

More than 80% of grade 2 glioma patients have cancers with IDH mutations that drive glioma formation. The IDH mutations were discovered in 2008, through your donations, by an ABTA-supported researcher. These efforts led to the first late-stage study to target those mutations in brain cancer.

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