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Annual SNO Meeting Fosters Unprecedented Collaboration

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Every year, the American Brain Tumor Association attends the Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO) Annual Meeting to network and collaborate with leaders in the dynamic field of neuro-oncology.  

Together, our team takes everything it’s learned during the five-day meeting to bolster upcoming ABTA patient services and research programs. Our goal: to empower you with the latest information on neuro-oncology treatments, clinical trials and advancements and further support both upcoming and established brain tumor researchers.

Key Takeaways

  1. There were many presentations during SNO that focused on the results of the INDIGO study, a global, randomized, double-blinded phase 3 trial studying a novel targeted drug called vorasidenib, which MindMatters first reported on in Summer 2023.

Why it matters: Vorasidenib is a promising new treatment slated for potential FDA approval this Spring and may be a game-changing treatment for patients with low-grade gliomas.

2. Sessions like The Neuroscience of Glioma—featuring innovative new research on neuronal activity in glioma initiation, the malignant networks of brain tumors and how neuron-tumor networks contribute to glioma progression—are proof that the field of neuroscience continues to evolve rapidly.

Why it matters: the emerging field of Cancer Neuroscience—which connects the principles of neuroscience and cancer biology—may further our understanding of brain tumors and lead to innovative and effective new treatments for patients.

3. A significant number of researchers attending the 2023 SNO Annual Meeting attendees were funded by the ABTA at some point in their career. We acknowledged many of them during our 50th Anniversary SNO reception (see slideshow for highlights).

Why it matters: Both up-and-coming and veteran brain tumor researchers continue to accelerate brain tumor research thanks to your support of the ABTA mission.

The 2024 SNO Annual Meeting is November 21-24 in Houston. 

Learn more about SNO.

Jessie Schlacks

Jessie Schlacks

Jessie is Managing Editor of the bi-monthly e-newsletter MindMatters. Submit story ideas or questions to jschlacks@abta.org.