Managed Care Plans

Managed Care Plans

• Have agreements with certain physicians, hospitals and health care providers to provide a range of services.
• Include PPOÕs, HMOÕs and POSÕs. PPOÕs have arrangements with physicians, hospitals and other providers of care.
• PPO physicians can make referrals, but plan members can also refer themselves to other physicians, including one outside of the plan.
• HMOÕs provide a list of physicians to choose from to select a primary care physician. The primary care physician coordinates all care and needs to be visited or contacted in order to receive a referral to another physician or specialist.
• POSÕs primary care physicians in a POS plan usually make referrals to other providers in the plan. Members can refer themselves outside of the plan and can still receive some coverage.

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

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AHIP is a national association of health insurers which provides consumer information on a number of different health insurance plans. The AHIP website also offers resource guides on health insurance and managed care.

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