Educational Webinar Series

The free educational webinar series is an excellent resource for brain tumor patients and caregivers to learn more about brain tumor types, treatments, well-being topics, and research updates from nationally recognized experts.

Webinars are 60 minutes, allow for questions, and are free to all who are interested. 

Este seminario de web tendrá subtítulos en español. (These webinars will have subtitles available in Spanish.)

2024 Webinars

April: What to Know When Newly Diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with CNS lymphoma? Join this webinar to learn more the diagnosis, symptoms and side effects, treatment options and management of this rare disease. 

Presenters: Lakshmi Nayak, MD, Director of the Center for CNS Lymphoma

Institution: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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Ono Pharmaceuticals

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May: How Metastatic Brain Tumors Affect Your Melanoma Care

Brain metastases, a specific form of Stage IV melanoma, are one of the most common and difficult-to-treat complications of melanoma. This webinar, presented by the ABTA in partnership with AIM & Melanoma Research Foundation, will provide a deeper dive into the brain metastases experience for melanoma, exploring risks, progression, signs & symptoms, treatment options, and management.

Presenter: Karan S. Dixit, MD, Neuro-oncologist

Institution: Northwestern Medicine Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute

Presenter: Isabella C. Glitza Oliva, MD, PhD, MS, Medical Oncologist

Institution: MD Anderson Cancer Center

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