Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

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About Clinical Trials

When you receive a brain tumor diagnosis, you want and deserve to know about all available treatment options. A clinical trial offers new or experimental treatments to qualified brain tumor patients, who volunteer to receive a treatment that otherwise would be unavailable to them.


Knowing how clinical trials are conducted, your rights and protections in a trial, the benefits and risks, as well as how to find information about specific trials can help increase your comfort navigating the clinical trial system.


Introducing TrialConnect™

This service, offered by the American Brain Tumor Association, links brain tumor patients with appropriate clinical trials based on the patient's tumor type and treatment history. TrialConnect, a free and confidential service administered by EmergingMed, is offered in English and Spanish. Call 877-769-4833 or read more. A single, short, secure questionnaire matches patients to enrollment criteria for over 100 brain tumor clinical trials. EmergingMed staff then help patients connect to the right trial coordinators.