Hello Family & Friends! Hello fellow brain tumor/cancer survivors & warriors!

I am a 15-year survivor! For 15 years we have been coexisting with Oscar. Those who know me know who Oscar is. Oscar is the name I gave to the dominant parasite who takes up rent free residence in the right temporal lobe of my brain.

I was introduced to Oscar in 2004 after a grand mal seizure landed me in the hospital prompting an MRI. The results showed an egg sized mass growing in my brain. My first brain tumor surgery was performed in July 2004. Oscar originated as Oligodendroglioma, slow growing, benign, grade 2 brain tumor. I was put on surveillance with regular MRI’s and Neuro-Oncology follow up appointments.

Oscar reemerged leading to my second brain tumor surgery in March 2008.This surgery was followed up with eighteen months of oral chemotherapy.
My husband and I booked a trip to China to celebrate the success of my second brain tumor surgery. Two months after my surgery I climbed the Great Wall of China. I went on to live a healthy, happy, and full life. I finished college. I exercised regularly. I worked full time. I had the good fortune to travel around the world. For the most part no-one would guess I am living with a brain tumor. I am put on surveillance once again with regular MRI’s and Neuro-Oncology follow up appointments.

My third recurrence leading to my third brain tumor surgery happened in November 2013. Oscar transformed into Anaplastic Astrocytoma, fast growing, malignant, grade 3 brain tumor. My third brain tumor surgery was followed up with radiation treatments five days a week for seven weeks. I also underwent an additional twelve months of oral chemotherapy. I continue to be on surveillance with regular MRI’s and Neuro-Oncology follow up appointments.

Over time and due to seizure activity living with Oscar changed my life and the things I can and can’t do. I have good days and I have bad days. I try to make the most of my good days and I try to learn to accept my bad days. I try to focus on the positive. It’s not always easy but I think about people who are struggling much worse than me and realize just how fortunate I am.

I want to thank my huge support system of family and friends who have been by my side as I continue to beat this war against Oscar. I could not continue this journey without you all! Thank You!

Kimberley Buccini | Survivor| Anapalstic Astrocytoma