My father’s journey

At 73, my father’s symptoms started September 2019 with headaches, forgetfulness, incomplete sentences, eye discomfort, and mood swings. After about a month he experienced gait imbalance and we took him to the ER, where a CT scan showed a large mass.

We were then taken by ambulance to a specialty hospital for MRI and brain biopsy, where we were told it was a large, metastatic high-grade glioma stage 4 and the location was inoperable. Options included standard of care treatment: radiation, steroids and chemo (temodar 180mg, four times a week for 25 doses ). He had 10 doses without improvement.

My father decided not to proceed with treatment anymore. He was placed in hospice at home surrounded by family, in which he received excellent love and care from everyone. He passed December 20, 2019.