Keep Calm, It’s Just a Brain Tumor

At age 62, I was living a cabin-in-the-woods quiet life, filled with books, hikes, dog walks, a loving partner, good friends, and no reason to believe any of it would ever change. Until it did.

I lost control of my body and mind and received the crushing blow of a brain tumor diagnosis. Once my body was restored by a team of brilliant neurosurgeons and the miracle of modern medicine, it was up to me to figure out how to live peacefully on a watch-and-wait plan with my inoperable, but stable, brain tumor.

Forever changed by my diagnosis, I started to view life through the lens of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, embracing my perfectly imperfect brain. With time and a lot of practice, my watch-and-wait treatment protocol morphed into a new lifestyle where I found the unexpected gift of a calmer and more creative mind. I even wrote a book about it, Keep Calm, It’s Just a Brain Tumor

Whether you are living with a chronic illness, fearful about disease progression or get anxious about an aging mind and body, cultivating a grateful wabi-sabi mindset can help you navigate life’s inevitable uncertainties, appreciate the beauty of imperfection and find more value in the ordinary moments of everyday.