Jeanette Tecca

In 2009, I was having headaches so severe that one day I could not even lift my head off my pillow. I was able to call my mom and ask her if her migraines were ever that bad. She told me to go to the hospital.

It turned out that I had a meningioma about the size of an apple and had to have immediate surgery to remove the tumor. After the surgery, I was lost, scared, and unsure of what happened. I had so many questions and little answers.

I heard so many times from doctors that I had a fantastic outcome, and I should not have any problems. But I did…I lost my job, I could not cope with what had happened. I had no memory, slept all day, and over ate. I was depressed, had anxiety on top of anxiety, and had no help. I finally met with a neurologist that told me simply to “stop it.” But, stop what? According to her, there was nothing wrong with me based on my test results. So of course I went for second and third opinions and got the same results. I could not find a doctor that would spend over 5 minutes with me.

Then I stopped getting opinions. I moved on, found another job, lost it and so on and so on. Now in 2017, I finally have a good job. I struggle here and there, but I am living my new normal. I found that I had to give myself time and slow down. I still work on me every day and I am getting better.