Extraventricular Neurocytoma

I was 17 years old when I was diagnosed with two extraventricular neurocytomas, the day that changed my life forever. I started having partial focal seizures, 3 days went by until I decided to go to the hospital. I was taken in for a cat scan, the scan showed something but they were uncertain. I was then flown to another hospital where they could use an MRI machine to see what it was. They said they were two tumors. I was then said to seek treatment at U of M Hospital, I consulted my surgeon scheduled it for late October. I was put on two medications. Keppra and Dexamethasone to take the swelling down and the seizures from happening. This is my second time with tumors. My last one was when I was two years old. I don’t remember it but I had the scar to prove it. I stopped taking my medication in mid November and haven’t experienced a seizure yet and the scans are clean a year and a half later.

Xavier Ruggles | Patient | Extraventricular Neurocytoma