Researchers Recognized for Population Studies on Brain Tumors

The Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium, an international group of researchers focused on the causes and consequences of brain tumors, has acknowledged two early-career researchers for excellence in population-based studies of brain tumors. Quinn Ostrom, PhD and Jeremy Schraw, PhD, both postdoctoral associates at Baylor College of Medicine, were presented with the BTEC Junior Investigator Awards and invited to present their work at the BTEC biannual international meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in June.

Dr. Ostrom presented on her analysis of the largest collection of genetic information on non-European glioma cases. Her findings indicate that the same genetic markers that are linked to increased glioma risk in European populations also correlate with increased glioma risk in African Americans. These studies point to a need for a better understanding of genetic inheritance and risk for brain tumors.

Dr. Schraw described his comparison of birth defect registries and cancer registries. His analysis determined that certain birth defects of the central nervous system are linked to an increased risk of developing pediatric brain tumors. Additional studies to understand this connection will help guide screening and treatment strategies for this at-risk population.

The American Brain Tumor Association is honored to support these awardees by sponsoring their travel to this prominent meeting.