The survey is now closed, but you can learn more about metastatic brain tumors below.


Metastatic Brain Tumor Brain Metastasis Secondary Brain Tumor

These terms refer to cancer that begins elsewhere in the body and spreads to the brain. Brain metastasis can present as a single tumor or multiple tumors.

Treatment for metastatic brain tumors aims to extend survival, improve quality of life, and stabilize neurocognitive function. In the last decade, there have been numerous advances in the treatment of metastatic brain tumors; however, we believe that few cancer patients know their risk of developing brain metastases. Therefore, if they do develop it, very few patients get the best treatment available. Further, we know that there is no standard of care for the diagnosis and treatment of brain metastases.

The American Brain Tumor Association is looking to better understand people’s knowledge of metastatic brain tumors. To do so, we are launching two surveys: one of cancer patients and their caregivers and another for oncologists.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor, we ask that you share your experience with us through this survey.

The more information we have on what is needed, the better we can build services to meet the needs of the diagnosed.

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