Fighting for the Cause

Max Padrid is proud to be a part of the American Brain Tumor Association team. Whether that means training for his first amateur boxing match to raise money for the organization or walking to benefit research to eradicate brain tumors, he’s going to be there doing what he can.

“I love my mother and I love what the ABTA does,” he says. “I am proud to be a part of the team and am doing everything in my power to help continue to fight the good fight.”

An investment banker in New York City, Padrid says his “unfortunate introduction to the brain tumor world” came about 10 years ago when his mother got the sudden and jarring diagnosis of a large meningioma. Emergency brain surgery, two strokes and an induced coma followed that diagnosis.

“My mother has never been the same and every day of her life is a struggle and a fight to get back to who she was,” he says.

The boxing match means he has put all his other hobbies on hold as he trains and competes, but admits that “it’s been the most fun I have ever had.” His American Brain Tumor Association relationship began about a year ago when his sister organized a large group of people to walk in Chicago to support his mother. “I love the organization and feel particularly close to it given my mom’s history.” He has encouraged his mother to get involved in the mentorship programs and wants the money he raises to support that initiative.

Like most with loved ones with brain tumors, Padrid is passionate about the critical need for continued research to “help mitigate and reduce the devastating effects of cancer, particularly in the brain.” He also feels strongly that when people actually donate their hard-earned money to a particular cause, they become emotionally invested in that cause.

“Community is so important for people that are facing life-threatening struggles.”

In our 45 years, the most dramatic advances are being made now.
Let’s put our brains together to stop brain tumors once and for all. Your donation makes a difference.

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