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We Built a Bigger Boat!

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Larry loved his fiery, redheaded wife, Lynn. But when Lynn was diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM), he knew things had to change. It was his turn to take care of his wife and build a bigger boat for them both. In recognition of Caregiver Awareness Month, he wants to share his story.

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Exploring Potential Treatments for GBM

Morgan Schrock, DVM, PhD’s first career was a veterinarian, but she later found her second career in brain tumor research. As a postdoctoral scientist at The Ohio State University Department

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MindMatters | November 2020

This month’s MindMatters features raw stories that highlight the lives of brain tumor patients, caregivers and researchers touched by the ABTA. Get inspired and join the community striving for change with this unforgiving disease.

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MindMatters | October 2020

ABTA hosted a trifecta of virtual community events, conferences and meetings in October to bring the latest in brain tumor treatment, care and research to the brain tumor community. Check out these stories about the ABTA National Conference, AARN 9th Annual Meeting and the first-ever BT5K Your Way virtual event.

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