Thank you for your interest in collaborating with the ABTA. Please read the below guidelines and fill out the interest form to learn more.

Partnership Criteria

The ABTA provides guidelines to ensure all parties are aware of the needs and expectations for each cause marketing relationship.

To maintain positive relationships with our donors, the ABTA requests that all promotions include the percentage of proceeds to benefit the ABTA on all materials in order to have access to our name and logo. Participating companies need to ensure all activities are in full compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and legal standards.

We do:
  • Social media recognition
  • Provide opportunities to attend ABTA sponsored events
  • Provide access to our logo to promote your campaign
  • Provide access to ABTA branded giveaway items
  • Include your logo and website link on the “charity partner” page of
  • A letter authenticating your charity


We do not:
  • Support events that involve controversial subject matters
  • Sell, loan or distribute our mailing list or email addresses to third parties
  • Approve campaigns that do not complement our mission and core values
  • Sell or distribute products

Trademarks and Logo Usage

In order to ensure promotional materials reflect positively on the mission of the ABTA, we ask that all materials be submitted to your ABTA contact for approval one week prior to its release to the public.
Please indicate you, as an event organizer, are hosting the event and include “to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association” on all materials. This includes paid advertising. Note: You are solely responsible for the cost of paid advertising.