You Can Help Unlock Brain Cancer Science

You Can Help Unlock Brain Cancer Science

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If you are an adult who has been diagnosed with primary brain cancer, such as glioblastoma, astrocytoma, or oligodendroglioma, you can join a nationwide movement of patients and their families, doctors, and scientists by sharing your information and your voice.

The Brain Cancer Project aims to collect tumor tissue DNA so researchers can make discoveries that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of brain cancer. And, it’s as simple as providing a saliva sample and medical information via mail.

This research initiative led by a coalition of major medical and research institutions and nonprofits, including Harvard, MIT, the Biden Cancer Initiative, an independent organization that builds on the Cancer Moonshot; the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and partner organizations, such as the American Brain Tumor Association.

“To advance our knowledge and understanding of brain cancers, studying the tumors’ genes and molecular information can provide invaluable information to fight the disease,” said Ralph A. DeVitto, president and chief executive officer of the American Brain Tumor Association. “This initiative puts brain tumor research in the hands of the patient and their families to help accelerate brain cancer research.”

According to the Brain Cancer Project, “each patient’s cancer is different. The unique information in an individual’s cancer holds the key to advances in cancer treatments.”

Anonymous data generated from brain tumor samples and medical records will be shared with the biomedical community. By understanding the genes and the variations that drive this disease, and sharing this data with the scientific community, insights can be gained and more effective therapies can be developed.

Visit the Brain Cancer Project website to learn more or participate.