Why I Give by Fern Bomchill

Why I Give by Fern Bomchill

My husband died many years ago but I was blessed with a wonderful son, Brad. Brad was always excited about life. He did well in school, was witty and elegant in his speech and his writing and was a great athlete.  Brad had a continual smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye and a kind and generous spirit.

But life was not fair to my son.

During his freshman year at Emory University, Brad experienced a debilitating headache.  After a prompt MRI and biopsy, he was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma.  Anaplastic astrocytomas are rare, cancerous brain tumors that form on the star-shaped astrocyte cells of the spinal cord and brain.

In 1998, internet resources were limited but Brad’s doctor told us about the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). The ABTA’s literature taught us the basics and helped us through the myriad of choices that came with a brain tumor diagnosis.

When Brad passed away in 2000, the world and I lost a shining light.  I created The Bradley Benton Davis Memorial Foundation to honor Brad’s memory and to prevent other bright stars from being extinguished. The main focus of the foundation is funding research into brain tumors. One of the first grants funded was given to Dr. Priscilla Brastianos when she was a medical student.  This summer fellowship was her start. Since then, she has received a Basic Research Fellowship from the American Brain Tumor Association, is part of the ABTA Alumni Research Network and currently mentors another researcher, Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge, who also recently received a Basic Research Fellowship.

I continue to financially support the American Brain Tumor Association because I value the research and patient care that are the pillars of the organization and I hope you will too. Every gift helps patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals navigate the brain tumor journey and hopefully stop other lights from being extinguished.

In our 45 years, the most dramatic advances are being made now.
Let’s put our brains together to stop brain tumors once and for all. Your donation makes a difference.

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