Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

The Sharing Hope Story

Life changes everyday, but who could imagine the life change that our family encountered on February 1, 2006. That was the day that Steve underwent neurosurgery and was diagnosed with a glioblastoma….just a word at that point, but what we soon learned was horrifying:  Malignant brain tumor, treatable but not curable and statistics that we don’t even want to hear about.

“Accept the diagnosis – Defy the prognosis”

That is the mantra our family immediately adopted!

We made a choice at that moment to not give up.  We chose to fight by raising money for brain tumor research and, 4 months later, hosted the 1st Annual Sharing Hope Walk with the tagline Walk the Walk…Talk the Talk!  It’s been 12 years and we are still Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk.  We take great pride in raising more than $224,000 for the American Brain Tumor Association.

This grass roots effort has raised a lot of money, but more importantly has raised even more awareness.  Each year, we have new participants, unfortunately because of too many newly-diagnosed brain tumors.  Our goal, first and foremost, is to share hope. We try and keep the event upbeat and positive.  We have lost some friends along the way, but their families continue to support our efforts so that others can have a fighting chance.

We chose the American Brain Tumor Association as our charity of choice because they were our main resource from the beginning.  Their funding supports some of the best brain tumor research centers in the country.  And the ABTA has not only provided information, but also support for Steve and our Sharing Hope Walk.  They have been a true partner!

Steve is the poster boy for Sharing Hope.  Over 12 years later, he is still defying the prognosis.  Steve’s strength, determination and courage has been an inspiration to everyone! He has pulled that strength from the love and support that he continues to get from friends, family and colleagues.

In our 45 years, the most dramatic advances are being made now.
Let’s put our brains together to stop brain tumors once and for all. Your donation makes a difference.

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