Brain Metastasis: A Documentary

Brain Metastasis: A Documentary

While “Brain Metastasis: A Documentary” is not going to compete with any blockbusters at the box office, for those experiencing this medical anomaly, it could help to ease the fear and anxiety of the diagnosis.

Brainlab, a company that develops, manufactures and markets software medical technology, partnered with the American Brain Tumor Association, to make the documentary to provide education and support to those who want to learn about the latest advancements and treatment options for brain metastasis patients.

“At Brainlab, we are dedicated first and foremost to people,” said Jocelyn Mohr, Patient Marketing Manager at Brainlab. With software and technology at the core of our corporate and cultural DNA, Brainlab is forging new paths using the explosion of medical data, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to change the face of patient treatment, helping shape a global medical standard.”

The company hopes to go beyond technology by assisting patients and their caregivers with educational resources to foster informed decisions concerning diagnosis and treatment.

“Quality healthcare is not just about quality technology. Sharing ideas, knowledge, patient stories and experience is a key ingredient.”

The documentary tells the story of Brenda, a breast cancer patient whose cancer has metastasized to the brain. She says she was prepared to die. The film goes on to discuss new technologies such as radiosurgery and gamma knife procedures that have had an impact on metastasized cancers in the brain.

These targeted treatments have been effective in delivering radiation to specific areas of the brain, causing some tumors to disappear and helping patients live longer with a better quality of life. At the end of the documentary Brenda says: “I no longer think about dying, you know, I don’t.  And that’s pretty dramatic.”

The documentary looks closely at the various treatments available and shows exactly how they work on the tumors as explained by experts in the field. The language is simple and straightforward, aimed at the patient or caregiver. Brainlab notes that often this information is either a challenge to find or difficult to understand. The graphics effectively illustrate how each specific treatment works and exactly what patients will experience during these treatments.

Brainlab began working with the American Brain Tumor Association several years ago by sponsoring its annual BT5K Chicago and the relationship has grown and evolved into the most recent partnership creating the documentary.

“Brainlab matches the dedication, passion and focus that the American Brain Tumor Association brings to the fight against brain tumors – both primary and metastatic. We are in a dynamic and exciting period of cancer treatment and patients are living longer through a combination of early detection, advanced technologies and treatment options,” says Mohr.

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