Bats for Brains

Bats for Brains

Bats for Brains
Saturday, July 28
Elizabeth Conkey Woods – Crestwood, IL

Story written by Zach Szykowny

Bats for Brains is an annual wiffle ball tournament held in the south suburbs of Chicago. I was inspired by my younger brother Max, who at 14 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We had initially received a terrible prognosis, but after two surgeries by some incredible doctors, he is now healed and attending high school!

Going through something this serious was a dramatic eye opener for him and our family; some of his physical effects still exist today. Having said all this, we realize Max was a very fortunate young man and circumstances for so many other families out there are not as fortunate.

We cannot accept defeat from such a terrible disease! Brain tumors can affect us at any age and can develop at any time. We must fight against this disease together. By donating and participating in this event, people can unite to help donate towards research we hope one day will help alleviate the evil disease!

Bats for Brains takes place in Crestwood, IL at the Elizabeth Conkey Woods on Saturday, July 28. Last year, Bats for Brains raised almost $6,000 for the ABTA. This year our goal is to raise $10,000! To learn how you can participate or donate to the event, you can visit our webpage for more details.

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