ABTA Engages with 100 International Leaders in the Brain Tumor Community

ABTA Engages with 100 International Leaders in the Brain Tumor Community

New brain tumor alliance charts a course for new treatments and improved survival for patients.

The American Brain Tumor Association participated in the first ReMission Summit for Brain Tumors, hosted by the University of Florida and University of Florida Health, February 23-24, in Orlando, FL. This initiative is designed to foster collaboration and sharing of critical brain tumor information in an effort to escalate discovery.

The goal of the summit is to develop a network of experts committed to collaboration for better patient outcomes. This network, called the ReMission Alliance Against Brain Tumors, is tasked with charting a course for making significant improvements in treatments and survival for brain tumor patients over the next decade. The alliance is supported in part by a generous gift from hotelier Harris Rosen, who welcomed the summit at his hotel, and shared his own moving story of his son’s battle with brain cancer.

The meeting was unique compared to traditional lecture-only events. Through interactive, small group discussions, top experts from the U.S., Canada and Germany discussed the challenges in the brain tumor field – both in research and in the clinic. They were hopeful of the opportunities on the horizon, including recent discoveries in immunotherapy and personalized medicine.

“It was really exciting to hear the perspectives from experts across a variety of disciplines. I was honored to have a part in the discussion,” said Heather Calderone, PhD, director of research and grants at the ABTA.

The summit brought together over 100 top leaders in the brain tumor field, including clinicians, researchers, industry partners, government experts, and patient advocacy groups. This meeting elevated opportunities to collaborate and discuss new treatments for brain cancers. The summit concluded with members establishing plans to share the results of their discussions. Their intent is to begin a roadmap for accelerated discovery in immunotherapy and precision medicine. Ultimately, the goal and hope is that new therapies and treatments will result that improve and extend the lives of brain tumor patients.

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