Brain Tumor Research News from 2019 American Society for Clinical Oncology Meeting

ABTA at ASCO 2019The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting is one of the largest oncology meetings attracting more than 33,000 researchers and medical professionals from around the world.

In addition to hosting an exhibit booth to spread awareness of the American Brain Tumor Association and the resources we offer medical professionals to share with their patients, members of the ABTA team met with constituents and attended a variety of brain tumor research sessions.

Throughout the course of the meeting, more than 300 research studies associated with primary brain tumors and brain metastases were presented. The brain tumor research portfolio spanned basic medical research (cell line studies, animal studies, biochemical, genetic and physiological); clinical research (clinical trials); and epidemiological research (incidence and distribution of the disease). While the ABTA team couldn’t attend all of the research sessions, a couple of themes emerged, including:

In addition, the ABTA presented preliminary results of our Metastatic Brain Tumor Initiative patient and caregiver survey.


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