10th Annual ABTA Alumni Research Network Meeting

Wednesday, September 8 – Friday, September 10

During these challenging times, the ABTA is pleased to bring togetherin a virtual environment, all ABTA constituents for the ABTA National Conference to promote greater understanding around the challenges and advances in treating brain tumors.

The AARN meeting will take place September 8-10 and will precede the patient focused sessions on September 10-11, which will include brief research presentations from recent ABTA grantees to present their research to the patient and caregiver audience. 

The 2021 meeting will be focused on important career development topics, including Leadership Strategies, Resiliency, and a keynote address by Jim Olson, MD, PhD.

For any questions, please e-mail hcalderone@abta.org .

2021 10th AARN Annual Meeting

Jennifer Yu, MD, PhD

Cleveland Clinic, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Forrest Kievit, PhD

University of Nebraska

If you’d like to view photos from 2019 AARN Meeting, visit our Research Page.