Two of a Kind

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September 10, 2015 - Fallbrook, California

Tomorrow, September 11th, it will be 6 years that I lost my little sister to a GBM and my big brother was diagnosed with a GBM. Apparently, we have some things in common in our family, more than our looks, likes and dislikes. Sad part is, besides losing my family, is that I cannot seem to get anyone in the medical community to get interested in this family bond we seem to share. It is not like we lived under a nuclear power plant, or drank malathion for breakfast, but there must be something that is causing this tumor in my brother and sister. Now, since I am the remaining sibling, could it be that my grey matter could hold a clue?? Is there anyone out there that might want a chunk of brain to study, before I have that diagnosis handed to me, or an asteroid comes out of the sky and then all specimens are lost? I would hope that somewhere, someone would think this might have some importance. If not for my family and the questions we will probably never have answered, but for the millions of families out there that will go through this disease with a loved one. I pray it won't happen, but know it is every day, every hour, in every part of the world. Tomorrow, I will be at a doctor's office for an appointment on other health issues. But I will be thinking of my little sister, Laura, and my brother, Lindon, and hope I can make it through another year without hearing those three letters....GBM.