Tumor number Two

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October 23, 2013 - Bay area, California

March of 2009 my first tumor was found after my one and only seizure. It was 3.5 inch long in the left hand size better known as a oligogendroglimoa type 2(quiet the mouth full). We had spoke to several doctors and all of them said their was no way to remove all of it . And I was given 5 years life expectancy with radiation therapy. In June of 2009 they removed the whole thing!!! No radiation therapy. Every day I have wake up a little more thankfull and do not worry about the little things. We do the brain tumor walks and try to push for a cure. And every 6 mos we do a MRI. Well this was the one. In Oct 2013 we found the second tumor It is a lot smaller. This one is to the left but is inoperable( to far in there) we did the Biopsy last Thursday 17 th and will find out more on how to treat with radiation or chemo on the 30 th of Oct.