...then one day everything changed.

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March 14, 2014 - Brownsburg, Indiana

…Then one day everything changed. February 8, 2013. My doctor and I had become quite acquainted during the previous 6 months or so. I had started with a visit in early August 2012 complaining of headaches, dizziness, and just plain fatigue. Some mornings I felt like I needed to crawl out of bed like an earth worm and just sliver my way through the day. My mood was HORRIBLE. I was depressed and irritable. I was forgetful and unmotivated. I pleaded with my doctor to do something – anything – to make things better! She ordered a CT scan…my insurance said not approved until you follow this regimen. So then came 6 LONG months of medicine, relaxation, diet recommendations and more medicine. The pharmacist even knew my name “Hi Ms. Mosiman” he would say when I walked up to the counter. So here it was January 2013. My Doctor said you are going for the scan even if I have to pay for it! February 8 at 7:00 am I had the scan. 3:00 pm my doctor called. “Is this a good time to talk?” She asked and then told me to sit down. They had found a growth in my brain the size of a large plastic Easter egg. I asked if she was sure. Maybe it wasn’t my scan? Maybe it was a mistake? They thought it was a meningioma…”A what?” They needed to schedule a MRI to be sure. I didn’t have time for this!!! My daughters were going to have babies the following week! Kaylee was born on Feb 12 and Hunter came along on Feb 14. My MRI was February 13. I had enough of hospitals. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. “I have a BRAIN TUMOR”. I went to visit the neurosurgeon the following week. He went over the facts and said okay let’s do the surgery next week. As in seven days…as in February 28th – the day everything changed! “I have a brain tumor – Wow”! I had to tell my family. Each person has their own way of dealing with things. I am a comforter. I kept a smile and a positive attitude and told EVERYONE it would be okay. The surgery came and went. The word “benign” became a close friend of mine! Medical leave from work came and went. I returned to my job with a new vigor and attitude. I was on cloud nine! “I HAD a brain tumor – Wow”! I asked the love of my life if he was ever worried. He told me he was confident I would be okay. I asked why – He said he knew the big guy upstairs would take care of it. Yep GOD had it. I am blessed and I am a survivor!